The stars spell out your name


Alrighty!  So this is a pretty informational post that I have for you at the moment.

For those of you unaware, Aikea Rieko’s (The Plastik’s owner/creator) flickr updated all of us flickr stalkers with some very sad news.  You can read about it here, but basically, her hard drive had an accident and now all of her hard work that she has done over time is gone unless she can raise the money to fix the hard drive. Unfortunately, this is a very delicate and thus expensive process.  Because it is such, she has put everything in her store on sale at a very generously discounted price in the hopes that it will generate some business and help her raise the money.

Now, many of you may know that I am literally a plastik-o-holic.  It has been one of my very favorite stores for over 2 years in SL.  I think that Aikea is a magnificent and brilliant creator, and I am trying to publicize this sale as much as humanly possible.  Please, please go to Plastik and shop to your heart’s content.  For those of you who don’t feel like Plastik is for you but want to donate, I am certain that Aikea would be very grateful for any sort of donation you could make to her, also.  It would be an honest-to-god tragedy to lose a creator as talented as she.  So this blog is dedicated to her and her store.  Enjoy the looks below, demonstrated by me and my ‘wifey,’ the very lovely Stefani Somerset!  UHNZ.

As always, click to see larger & more detailed 🙂

On Stefani:
Al Vulo – Renzie – Natural
D!va – Ema2 – Onyx
Repulse – Rigor Mortis v2
Plastik – Soul Ink – Half Lash
Facial Piercings: 
Ni.Ju – Chain Chomp
Plastik – Courtesan – Cane
Nails & Rings: 
Mstyle – Perfect Hand – Long v1.2
Je*Republic – Pearl Necklace – Black III
Glue Ink – Ree Gloves – Black Sheer
Haus of Darcy – Prayer of Forgiveness
Kookie – Enya – Black Wash

On Alex:
Skin:  Plastik – Muted Ataciara – Lunar
Truth – Rylan – Blacks & Whites (modded)
Plastik – Vae Collection – GlazeBlue
Redgrave – Luscious & Sorry.Asia – 10
Cobrahive – Nose Swirl & Ni.Ju – Monroe
Came with skin
PXL – Open Mouth Addon
Plastik – Feathers – Tintable & Plastik – Demon Fades – Amethyst
Plastik – Prayer – Black
DDL – Semi-Precious Stone Ring – Opal
Mstyle – Perfect Sharp Nails
SLink – Jolie Pied Exotix – Medium

Poses Used: Glitterati, E.Ink, HMAEM

I hope you all enjoyed our two very different looks!  As you can see, Plastik has items to suit your every need.  From tops, to bottoms, dresses, skins, elf ears, lingerie, shoes, and other various items of clothing & accessories, you literally can’t go wrong.  So please go shop there and help Aikea out!

xx – Alex


Oh baby, step into the light


So this post is going to take care of a few random things.

1. Tons of questions about where & when I DJ since I’ve mentioned it in the blog… I am currently exclusive to Demonic Night Club.  I DJ there five times a week, specifically Tuesday – Saturday, at the following times:
Tues: 8-10pm
Weds: 12-2pm
Thurs: 8-10pm
Fri: 6-8am
Sat: 8-10am

2. Lots of questions on where my poses are from and why I don’t credit them in my blog– This is mostly out of laziness, I cycle through poses so fast that I never write them down as I use them, so I don’t mark which ones I use!  I do, however, only get them from a few select stores that I love, so they are (in no particular order)
Del May (Singles & Couples)
Long Awkward Pose (Singles)
Nox (Singles)
Bellballs (Singles)
Glitterati (Singles & Couples)
Hate Me And Eat Me (Singles)
CnS (Couples)
Meya (Couples)
oOo (Singles and Couples)
LoveMeBrutal (Couples)

Now I use random poses now & again from hunts or whatever, but those are my MAIN stores that I go to for poses.  I hope that answers your questions!

Onto the details of this blog post today… I DJd earlier (obviously as you can tell from my schedule) and realized how desperately I wanted to shop!  I wasn’t sure what I wanted and then I remembered that I was given a LM by Jonno’s bestie, Stef, a while ago when I happened to meet her at Demonic!  STEFANI, THANK YOU FOR THE LM, I’M OBSESSED.

All credit for how hot I look in this top goes to pretty girl Stefani Somerset.  Kthx.

I know I’m keeping you in suspense so I’ll shutup and get on with the pics 🙂

So cute right?  The textures are perfect and I feel so pretty cause the flexi part of the top is all swishy… /me swishes!

Skin: League – Sia – Sunkissed – Storm (NEW!)
Hair: Elikatira – Just – Blacks
Eyes: Plastik – Vae Collection – Beauty
Lashes: MiaSnow – Fantasy Curls
Horns: Illusions – Grumble Horns
Piercings: Ni.Ju – Chain Chomp w/Flexi Chain & Haus of Darcy – Thrust V2.
Necklace: Haus of Darcy – Fallen V2 – Female
Top: Izzie’s – Draped Vest – Grey (THANK YOU STEF! <3)
Pants: Cynful – Orange Bottoms – Bisque
Shoes: AVZ – Wrapped Boots
Bracelet: Naith Smit – Rock’n’Rolla Strapped
Nails: Pixel Mode – Sculpted Nail V2 – Platinum Edition – Gloss
Tattoos: Custom (by me) AND Plastik – Feathers – Faded
Custom, not for sale



xx- Alex