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Hello loves!  So today’s post is not quite so much about fashion, because I was inspired from another source instead that I’m super excited to share with you, that source being the sim that I have taken up RPing at!

The Fallen is a Sim that’s only been open a short amount of time – approximately 2 months give or take, and has brought together some of the most absolutely amazing minds of the RP community.  I have honestly thoroughly enjoyed the time I’ve spent there, and so I wanted to talk a little about it today because the whole point of blogging what we see in SL is to alert everyone we know to the awesomeness that can be found out there!

First things first, the owner & creator of the Fallen is this fellow named Dominic Darkmatter.  He’s pretty epic.  I’m not going to write much about him because it’s cheesy since he’s my boyfriend (though, he wasn’t at the time I applied to RP there!), except to say that you all should know the entire concept and pretty much everything else I’m going to write about this place is due to his amazingly talented & creative brain.  So yes, now that we’ve got that covered…

The Fallen takes place in the fictional city of Charm, and the entire sim itself is a Dark Urban playground that takes place ten years after a war between Angels & Demons, in which the Demons came out the victors, ready to reclaim Heaven until they realized that both Lucifer and God had mysteriously disappeared.  Charm, of course, is a city in which we find ourselves as characters dealing with the aftermath of that war.  The actual backstory to The Fallen is so intricately weaved, so incredibly detailed and such a labyrinth of classic mythology and new fabricated stories that it would literally take me forever to type it all here, so I’m going to stop there and let the rest of you do the research yourself if you’re interested!

There are approximately six races to choose from, each race having various ‘subraces’ or classes, if you will, that help you determine how your character will be fleshed out.  In addition to that, each race has been thoughtfully given its own ‘psychology’, if you will, to help players really figure out the motives behind each race in Charm, along with basic strengths & weaknesses for character creation.  And on top of that, as if it weren’t enough, there is also a detailed compilation of how magic appears and can be used within Charm.  There is no meter in Fallen – this is no CCS or DCS sim, no combat huds, just straight up creativity that doesn’t rely on whether or not you’re lagging or how fast you can click a mouse.  But enough, because honestly me rambling about it won’t convince you to try it out.  I really do encourage anyone interested in RP to head over to Fallen & check it out for yourselves!  As with other RP sims, observer tags are provided for anyone interested in exploring what Fallen has to offer.  But I am sincerely proud of Dom & everyone involved in helping this sim come to fruition– watching the numbers grow over the past few weeks or so has been amazing, and I’m honored that I get to be counted among the numbers of people who spend so much time in a place that was created with so much love and excitement!

SO, with allllll of that said, the pictures I have for you today are of me in my RP gear, taken on-site, to show you around the City of Charm a little bit!  My character is an Angel, so I wore my wings for the occasion.  Also, I hope you enjoy the snow (which Dom was so freaking excited about, hooray weather systems in SL!) that makes Charm so festive 😛 So, as always, I hope you enjoy!

On a main street in Charm – Click for larger image

At the angel’s base in Charm – Click for larger image

In the park in Charm – Click for larger image

The Body Co – Iris
Truth – Ava – Blacks
Insufferable Dastard – Light Sensitive Eyes – Ice
Glow Studios – Noir Memories
Panda Express – Strapped In
Suicidal Unborn – Thango Dress – Black
Sheer – Very Torn Nylon Shirt Long
Sey – RJK2 Studded Belt – Black
Sheer – Torn Opaque Tights – Black
Ju Weissnicht – KBoots – Black
Nails & Rings: 
Mandala – Sinra – Black
Sinful Needs – Consort Wings
Plastik – Feathers – Faded

Poses taken from my AO
Anything i skipped blogging means i wore it in my last post.  Refer back if necessary 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed my look for today and I sincerely hope to see some of you RPing around soon!

xx – Alex


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