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So my dear friend Rogue Falconer (owner & creator of *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*) single-handedly organized an amazing hunt.  This year kicks off the first annual ‘A Very Rotten Christmas’ Hunt, and I am so very proud and inspired by her for doing this!  I was added to the bloggers group, where we bloggers were able to get items ahead of time in order to show everyone what exactly they can look forward to, but in my appreciation of hunts (and of Rogue for putting this all together,) I waited until today and did the hunt from start to finish!  SO EXCITED.  I have SO MUCH TO SHOW YOU!  Be advised, this is a very, very picture-heavy post, but I really wanted to show you a slew of the items in here.  BRACE YOURSELVES!

So firstly, the stores that participated (and unfortunately, a few dropped out at the last second – you store owners know who you are, and I have to say I’m really disappointed.  if Aikea from Plastik can join this hunt after the tragedy that just occurred for her, I really don’t see any reason why anyone else could POSSIBLY justify dropping the day before/day of this hunt- and don’t give me any BS; I’ve owned stores before I know how it goes, and I have friends in this hunt who were all under a lot of other pressure for RL & SL projects and they still managed.yeah that’s right, I’m calling you out) are all amazing, and I’m going to list them here for you before I show the items.  Don’t forget, all information in regards to the hunt can be found at Rogue’s hunt blog.
Rotten Defiance ;; Skin Deep/Little Pricks ;; Avante Poses ;; Rasetsukoku ;; Sakide ;; ni.Ju ;; Repulse ;; Jabberwocky ;; JD Design ;; Contraption ;; The Plastik ;; House of Usher ;; Spirit Store ;; Damned ;; Favole ;; Diesel Works ;; Gehenna ;; KristicA ;; NV ;; Ey:No ;; Hysteria ;; Sourires ;; Fiction and Chaos ;; Blah ;; Eternal Darkness ;; HoD ;; American Bazaar ;; Nightshade ;; Anatomy ;; Nox ;; Koketka ;; Diamond ;; Furore ;; Scrub

Amazing list, right!?  A nice short & sweet hunt full of tons of goodies for you.  I tried to blog as many of them as I could without wanting to blow my head off (editing pictures is a very tedious process sometimes!), so I tried to show as many items as I could.  Note:  Any owners who read this blog, if I didn’t blog your items, I’m sorry.  But I can say with authority that every single item in this hunt is worth picking up.  I am very impressed and pleased with EVERYTHING.

Onto the pics!  Below each picture I will write down where everything is from that was in the hunt.  At the end of the blog, I will give credits to things I was wearing that are NOT part of the hunt.  I hope that makes sense for you all 🙂

Click to see all of this stuff larger!
Picture 1: Dress by Furore  Picture 2:  Nose Piercing by HoD (& red eyeliner by Nuuna– came with piercing), Mouth Dangle by EY:NO, Tattoo by Damned, Pants by NV  Picture 3:  Eyes & Top by Plastik, Face Tattoo by Repulse, Shape by Anatomy  Picture 4:  Bloody Eyes & Mask by Contraption, Tongue by Scrub, Candy Cane Stabbing by Hysteria, Tattoo by Diamond, Pants by Rasetsukoku, Horns, Wings & Hooves by Favole

Click to see larger
Picture 1:  Close ups: Mouth Dangle by EY:NO & Piercing (w/ accompanying eyeliner)  by HoD & Nuuna, Tattoo by Damned  Picture 2: Top & Pants by American Bazaar  Picture 3:  Alternate view of Wings, & Tail by Favole, Pants by Rasetsukoku

Click to see Larger!
Picture 1:  Dress by SAKIDE, Shape by Anatomy  Picture 2:  Cut tattoo & Holly Leaves  by Eternal Darkness  Picture 3:  Dress by Rotten Defiance, Suicidal Christmas Lights by Blah, Bloody Plugs by Nox, Piercings by ni.Ju

Among these other amazing gifts were assorted jewelry, poses, a house, textures, and all sorts of other things.  As you can tell, the quality of this hunt is just jaw-dropping & the creators all did fabulously!  All I can say is, you don’t want to miss out.  This hunt runs until December 31st so you have PLENTY of time to do it, but make sure you do before it’s all gone!  And for those of you who have stores and were unable to participate this year, make sure you get your applications ready for next year because you don’t want to miss the chance to be a part of such an amazing hunt!  Bravo to everyone who was able to get in this year, I am majorly impressed, and thank you!!

My own details for things that were not blogged:
Skins Used:  Filthy – Maria – Tan & Lara Hurley – Emma – Pale
Hairs:  Truth – Faith & D!va – Ema2
Shape: My own (obviously except where Anatomy is credited)
Other Accessories:  Nails – Mstyle ;; Teeth – PXL ;; Shoes – Kookie ;; Feet – SLink ;; Lashes – Redgrave & Sorry.Asia ;; Eye Makeup – Nuuna
If I missed anything and you want to know where it’s from feel free to leave a comment on my blog, flickr, or just IM  me and i’ll be happy to give it to you 🙂


xx – Alex


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